Raymond College Enugu was established on September 6 2010.the name of the proprietor is mr adie Raymond Ushie , a talented mathematician. The school started with a population of 3 students in sep 2010 and increased to 28 students by December 2010. The school’s present population stands at 800 students. The school has graduated over 900 students since inception. As a school we don’t compromise moral standards as well as academic excellence

School’s aims and objectives?

  1. To become the most dynamic leadership institution
  2. To produce students that wiill be self retant
  3. To instill the fear of god into the lives of our student.


To build a school that transcends the limitation of the Nigerian society to become the most dynamic leadership generating institutions


To raise students that will function as society  builders in all ramification, excelling in academic leadership character development , social system development, associative  dynamics and pressure development

Mission 2

To become a solution to the myraid of problems associated with the Nigerian nation and the African continent